Water Recycling System

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Water Recycling System

Since 2012 we have introduced water recycling to improve our pressure washing service, using this system has several key advantages over non reclaim.

  • Recycles >95% of water
  • Meets waste water management requirements
  • Creates a cleaner working practice
  • Reduces our environmental footprint

We now use the pressure washing ‘Water Recycling System’ on our roof cleans. On a typical roof clean prior to the start of the cleaning all gutter downpipes are blocked. During the cleaning process the water is reclaimed from the gutter using our onboard ‘gutter vacuum system‘. It is then pumped to our recycling trailer, at this stage it passes through numerous filtration units before it is transferred back into the main pressure washing feed tank.

Using this system we are able to reclaim and recycle over 95% of the water used in the roof cleaning process. In a typical day one operator will use less than 400 litres using our system, with conventional washing (non- recycling) a single operator would use well over 8,500 litres!

Therefore making the Pressure washing Cleaning environmentally friendly.

We also use this system on projects which require contaminated waste water to be recovered, to prevent it from entering storm drains. To date we have successfully used it to reclaim whilst removing several major paint spillages.