How is the roof cleaned? What is the process?

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How is the roof cleaned? What is the process?

The process of cleaning a roof is pretty extensive. It is a lengthy process naturally because it involves a professional roof cleaner to scale a building safely and carry out the work using adequate safety equipment. The set up of any roof cleaning project requires planning and consideration of the local environment. A roof clean, especially when it hasn’t been cleaned for some time, will generate a lot of debris or waste, so it is important that tarpaulins are laid and down pipes from guttering blocked. This contains the waste generated from the clean.

The main process is pressure washing. This will remove all moss, lichen, algae and fungi dirt from the roof. Indeed, all pollutants are removed to bring the roof back to a clean state. What is continually pumped fro the guttering using an industrial vacuum, so, as we clean, the debris is disposed of. Very often a roof that has been left for a while will have some tile damage that needs attention. Sometimes this isn’t obvious until we carry out that thorough roof clean using the industrial jet wash. Damage is revealed and part of our service is to replace any missing, broken or damaged tiles. We will also re-point and re-bed tiles if required.

Once the jet washing process has been completed, we then look to apply a fungicidal wash. This will eliminate any remaining moss spores which are invisible to the naked eye. The fungicidal wash provides that extra protection, and lengthens the gaps between regular roof cleaning.

Further protection can be added to a roof in the form of Roof Coating. Roof coatings have a life expectancy in excess of 10 years and can dramatically extend the periods between cleans and the lifetime of the roof itself. There are various coating finishes available, and we recommend the best choice for your roof.

Other options are available including Hedgehog Gutter Brushes which reduce the build-up of moss and the potential damage this can do.

Once we have completed the whole process, our final job is clean of all surrounding surfaces, making sure the local environment is pristine and ready for use.

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