What are the benefits of roof cleaning?

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What are the benefits of roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning is most certainly part of the cleaning fraternity that particularly requires experience and a professional approach to health and safety. Working in a potentially precarious location, equipment is essential for the safety of the cleaning professional and the local environment. So, why all the fuss, danger and meticulous planning to create that safe environment? Does my roof really need regular cleaning?

Over the course of time, the build-up of moss and algae is pretty obvious when looking at a roof that hasn’t undergone any form of cleaning for some time. The roof can look rather unsightly, and the damage that is being done is relatively hidden and out of sight. It is the time to engage with a roof cleaner.

Moss and algae that cling to a roof are continually damaging the infrastructure of the roof. Roof tiles can decay over a period, and moss or algae will exacerbates the problem when left unattended. The continuous process of decay is prevalent when inspecting a roof that hasn’t been cleaned for some time. The moss holds a considerable amount of moisture, and any moisture that sits will eventually accelerate decay and breach the outer core of the roof, eventually leading to those unwanted leaks.

A professional roof clean can transform tiles with a remarkable outcome. Our very own roof cleaning case studies section is littered with before and after images, and the difference is dramatic. Most roofs can be cleaned and where necessary repaired to almost new condition, as long as the decay hasn’t set in too much. If it has, a reputable roof cleaning company can advise on the best course of action to return the roof to good condition once again.

If you have a leak in your roof or haven’t had it cleaned for many years, talk to us at Great Outdoors and we can help to restore your roof to pristine condition.