Roof cleaning and pressure washing, dispelling the myth, giving the facts

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Roof cleaning and pressure washing, dispelling the myth, giving the facts

Roof cleaning is something that does require a professional approach, and this isn’t as stated as a concern by many that the typical clay or concrete tile is prone to damage when pressure washing. It is very much a myth here in the UK that the pressure from gallons of water is going to damage tiles. In other countries like the USA, shingle tiles are used, and these can be prone to damage from high pressure washing. However, here in good ole Blighty, robust Clay and Concrete are used almost entirely on the roofs of domestic homes.

However, in the wrong hands, a pressure washer is capable of damaging tiles. The less than

or DIY enthusiast could use the wrong nozzle, extreme pressure and high flow rates, and this could remove the surface of a concrete tile, especially if the roof is ageing. 

Roof cleaning is a profession, and it is really important that an experienced roof cleaning company is chosen to undertake the work. They know exactly what kit to use, the pressure and water flow. A professional roof cleaner’s job is to protect tiles, and a meticulous understanding of the job at hand is what sets them apart. Their role is to remove the weathering not the tile surface, so the pressure is very precisely set to do so.

Roof tile manufacturers are cautious, but for good reason

You will often find that roof tile manufacturers do recommend not to use a pressure washer and of course, it is important to them to state this information to guarantee any incumbent warranty. However, like us, they will have witnessed or had issues with poor and incorrect cleaning methods being adopted to clean their products that align domestic roofs around the country. They are purely and rightly so, protecting their interests by stating pressure washing as a ‘not recommended’ method of cleaning a roof. Like us, they fully appreciate that professional roof cleaners have the knowledge, experience and know-how when it comes to pressure washing and protecting a roof, and indeed, the warranty of the product concerned.

Without a doubt, pressure washing a roof using the right equipment, and carried out by experienced roof cleaners is the best option for keeping a roof clean and extending the life or longevity of a roof. Roof cleaning is not a DIY process, and having cleaned thousands of roofs around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and beyond, we have been witnessed to the deterioration of a roof due to mismanagement in the cleaning process.