What are the signs that a roof needs cleaning?

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What are the signs that a roof needs cleaning?

This is a question we get asked quite a lot by domestic homeowners when calling us about their roof. The main concern for the owner of the home is the inevitable cost of a new roof or repairs should it become damaged. In comparison to an expensive replacement professional roof cleaning provides a cost-effective solution for a long-lasting and robust roof. Yes, of course, sometimes in our own work, we spot repairs needed where tiles are damaged or displaced. In reality, this situation in most cases is a relatively quick job to carry out. When we are asked to carry out the professional task of cleaning roofs for our customers in Bedfordshire and beyond, we will always advise a free survey to assess the condition of the roof, and if any works are required to clean and repair it.

Roof damage and the need to be cleaned  – what are the obvious signs to look out for?

Probably, the most obvious sign of when a roof needs cleaning is the build-up of moss. This can be easily spotted from ground level, and the extent of moss coverage is visually pretty obvious too.  If this has been allowed to build up over many years, there is an inevitability that your roof will have occurred some damage and this could compromise the roof where water ingress is concerned. Leaky roofs are very common and can cause further damage to your home if left unattended. 

The first questions we would ask any enquiring client, is whether it is covered in moss and for how many years has that been allowed to build up? We will also ask how old is the roof? These two questions at the very least indicate the potential need for roof cleaning before we visit to carry out a free roof cleaning survey.

As we know, a roof is open to the elements, and here in the UK, we have a diverse set of seasons that bombard us with heavy rain, high winds and in recent years, some very hot weather. A perfect mix where roof damage is concerned. 

Moss, Lichen, Algae and other deposits will all have a negative impact on the life of a roof, and every roof, like every part of a home it needs regular care and maintenance.

If you are unsure about the state of your roof and require a professional roof cleaning survey to ascertain its condition, we offer a FREE survey and will provide a quotation for the recommended work, should, of course, your roof need cleaning.