Conservatory cleaning after the winter months

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Conservatory cleaning after the winter months

The month of winter can be a rather destructive month for our homes. Wind, rain and the occasional bout of snow in the UK can take its toll on our properties and this time of year, is the time we all venture outside to investigate the external areas of our properties and make those necessary fixes.

Spring cleans and maintenance

As well as jumping onto the DIY band wagon, following a visit to our local DIY store, we also look at external cleaning. Patio cleans, cleaning our driveway’s and having a general spruce up of our outside areas can be seen as a common activity in any street across the country. Notwithstanding, it is a chance to get into the garden and enjoy some Spring and Summer sun whilst cutting the grass and tending to our flower beds.

One of the typical areas that perfect represent the influence of a British winter is our conservatories. A build up of dirt, moss and sometimes the occasional bit of damage from extreme temperatures.

At Great Outdoors, conservatory cleaning at this time of year is a common event. Externally, a conservatory is a difficult area to clean. Access is difficult and I suspect none of us would be brave enough to stretch out across a glass fascia to get to those awkward spots in order to spruce up our conservatories.

Our team at Great Outdoors are well-versed at this Spring-cleaning phenomenon and come armed with an array of cleaning and safety equipment to allow us to get to those awkward places. We can also inspect for any damage and advice our customers on the best route for fixes. Indeed, our services for cleaning conservatories are comprehensive, and invariably become part of the process of a full roof cleaning service.

So, our advice is don’t venture out across rather precarious glass conservatory roofs. Great Outdoors External Cleaning based in Bedfordshire can do that for you, and at a very reasonable cost.