Graffiti, is it difficult to remove? Great Outdoors External Cleaning explains

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Graffiti, is it difficult to remove? Great Outdoors External Cleaning explains

Graffiti, unless it is of an artistic approved kind, is a very disruptive and distressing situation for a homeowner, and indeed, where artistry hasn’t been adopted in an approved manner, it is normally an unwanted addition to any surface.

Town centres tend to be the natural environment for those that wish to spray unwanted graphics to exterior walls, and much of our Graffiti removal work is commissioned by local authorities that have a requirement and responsibility to keep our public areas clean from Graffiti.

Types of graffiti and removal techniques

It may be surprising to learn that there are different types of graffiti, and this depends on the type of spray paint being used and the chemical compound of that spray paint. Part of our process when embarking on a Graffiti removal project is to investigate the type of paint used to ascertain what are the appropriate chemicals needed for an effective removal.

Our service includes a full self-contained power and water supply, and all wastewater can be recycled to prevent any contaminants from entering nearby storm drains. We have used this system on numerous paint spill and Graffiti removal projects.

Our advice for the removal of Graffiti is to act as quickly as possible. The longer it is left, the more difficult the removal process becomes, which as a knock-on effect in relation to the cost of removing it.

Protecting a surface for future

Very often, especially in town centres, certain areas continually suffer from Graffiti. Offenders naturally migrate to these areas to get a maximum impact from their various messages. If this is the case, Great Outdoors can apply a permanent clear coating to that area. The coating creates a layer of protection, and then straight-forward solvents can be used to remove the Graffiti. At Great Outdoors, when applying a coating, we can also supply the solvent to a homeowner or council representative to remove any future application of Graffiti.

We can also apply a sacrificial coating. As the name suggests if any Graffiti has been applied to that area, it can be removed along with the protective coating, with a requirement to re administer the coating to ensure against further Graffiti being applied.

Great Outdoors have worked across towns in the region to provide a Graffiti removal service. Our services are there for domestic homeowners and local councils.