The Jet Wash machine, the mainstay of commercial cleaning in the modern age

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The Jet Wash machine, the mainstay of commercial cleaning in the modern age

The ability to apply pressure using water to clean a multitude of surfaces is the mainstay of a commercial cleaning company. It may surprise you to know that the technology can trace its roots back to 1926. Yes, that is surprising given we have really only adopted the technology in our domestic and working environments since the mid 90s.

In 1926, Frank W. Ofeldt II, an employee of a Pennsylvanian producer of water heaters and boilers, and a maker of whisky stills, is credited as the inventor of pressure washing. It was an accidental discovery by Frank, whilst working on a whisky still. He discovered that steam forced at high pressure through a small hose provided an effective method of cleaning grease off his garage floor. This discovery led to Frank embarking on a crusade to invent a contraption that would mix steam with chemicals.

Pressure washing is now a world-wide phenomenon. House owners adopting them to clean their patios and commercial cleaning companies using high powered versions to clean many different surfaces. Most certainly, our own jet washers see us pressure washing in many environments including:

The jet wash or pressure washing equipment is an absolute necessity for cleaning companies in Bedfordshire like us, and a piece of equipment that we use every day in our work across all of the various cleaning disciplines.

We all have Frank to thank for his accidental discovery. Where would we be without a pressure washing machine today.