Are your Solar Panels Pigeon proof?

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Are your Solar Panels Pigeon proof?

Of course, this doesn’t mean we have invented a method to keep the Pigeon’s away when you take that post lockdown trip to Trafalgar Square, or it certainly doesn’t mean we can stop the Pigeons landing on your property and doing that thing that creates a lot of unsightly mess. If we had invented some innovative solution to the latter, I suspect this article would have been written from our comfortable position on an exotic beach on the other side of the world. Instead, it was penned from an office chair in between two Bedfordshire roof cleaning projects.

What it does mean for the thousands of homeowners who have taken the environmental route towards reducing energy and carbon footprint, is the fact we can protect your Solar Panels from those ‘Pesky Pigeons’. They really do have a habit of destroying the effectiveness of panels when they invade the areas under the panels themselves.

Anticipated growth in Solar Panels and requirement for Pigeon Proofing

Over the next few years to coincide with government grants and other great incentives to encourage homeowners to invest in renewable energy solutions, there will undoubtedly be many more houses adopting Solar Panels as a method of reducing carbon footprint. Pest control will be a must to maximise the efficiency of the new Solar Panel installations, and our robust Pigeon proofing for Solar Panels is an ideal method of protecting the panels from those unwanted guests.

The best way to protect your Solar Panels from pests

Pigeon Proofing involves the installation of a mesh to stop the birds from getting under the panels and potentially damaging their effectiveness. Many companies recommend a form of netting. This can be unsightly for starters, but also not as effective as installing a robust mesh which is a great deal more protection for those sensitive areas under the Solar Panels.

Our system using mesh is the latest bird deterrent technology and comes with a 10-year warranty, unlike most of the netting alternatives. It will stop the pests in their tracks and ensure the effectiveness of the panels and the homeowner’s investment into renewable technology and reducing energy bills.

If you want to learn more about Pigeon Proofing your Solar Panels, get in touch with us, we would be happy to visit and explain the process and service to you.