Coating, cleaning and repairing Tarmac to restore it to its natural state

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Coating, cleaning and repairing Tarmac to restore it to its natural state

Tarmac is one of those surfaces that can start to look very unsightly if it isn’t regularly cleaned. Tarmac Cleaning and coating is a project we carry out quite regularly. The grain of the surface holds greasy or dirty deposits very easily, so it continues to deteriorate at a fast pace and eventually, that dirt and grease that has built up on the tarmac can affect the integrity of the surface. It is not uncommon to see potholes appearing as we would on the many roads that surround our homes and businesses.

What many who own private tarmac roads or driveways don’t realise is the fact good cleaning, care and specifically a designed specialist coating can achieve in relation to the longevity and appearance of the Tarmac.

The typical environments for Tarmac surfaces

This type of surface can be seen in many industrial, commercial and residential locations. Our work takes us into all of these, and we always recommend to our customers to consider a specialist tarmac coating that will protect against wear, but also provide a coating or cover to make cleaning easier and more effective in the future.

Any existing stains can be covered, and the coating will protect the tarmac from further staining, typically oil leaks which can have a detrimental effect on the surface and integrity of the tarmac. The tarmac coating will also protect against weeds, algae, and other growth and comes in three distinctive colours, Black, Green and Red.

So, how does it work?

Firstly, we treat any incumbent tarmac stains with a degreaser to remove as much of the residue as possible. We then pressure wash the area to remove dirt and grease which is ingrained into the surface. This is a sensitive operation, making sure we do not damage the surface of the tarmac. To clean the tarmac further we also use a fungicidal wash and then complete the preparation process by repairing any damaged areas of the tarmac.

Once the surface has been left to dry, it is fully prepared for the coating to be applied. We administer the coating in the colour of choice and then leave the area for 24-hours to completely dry and cure. At that point, the tarmac can be used for vehicles once again. It is not uncommon for us to carry out this type of work over the course of a weekend, so as not to disturb the business or personal use of the surface. By Monday morning our customers have a repaired, cleaned and coated tarmac surface, ready to take on and deal with normal and heavy traffic levels if the tarmac is located in an industrial or commercial area.

Our work is fully insured and licenced by the relevant authorities to use all the necessary chemicals in this cleaning and coating process. We also administer a strict health and safety regime and risk assessment before carrying out any works. Examples of these can be found on this website.

To learn more about our tarmac cleaning and coating service, get in touch with us today!