Industrial Estates need cleaning too!

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Industrial Estates need cleaning too!

A lot of the cleaning services we provide in Bedfordshire and beyond are for the commercial sector. External cleaning in commercial environments take on all forms of services from Cladding Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Tarmac and Driveway cleaning, Graffiti Removal and it is quite common to see us cleaning pavement areas around business premises.

Great Outdoors has worked with many SME and large companies to keep external areas around premises in pristine condition. This is a requirement for businesses especially when they are regularly welcoming customers to their premises. It is also an aesthetic choice to keep those external areas looking sharp for the well-being of their staff. A scruffy-looking premise can have a negative effect on the mood of staff and send the wrong perception to visitors.

What to be aware of when cleaning in an industrial environment

Typically, industrial estates and commercial premises are busy places. If not managed properly they can also be dangerous places. At Great Outdoors we always cordon off areas we are working in and apply strict health and safety measures to ensure the safety of our staff and those that use and visit the vicinity of our work location. If we are cleaning fascias and soffits which is quite common, we always install a protective barrier around the areas with adequate warning signs, just to make sure there is no danger to people in the area.

We are also aware of the disruption our services can potentially create, so very often we recommend weekends for specific services dependent upon the anticipated disruption this might have to a business or businesses. This flexibility provides our customer with choice, and very often if the service involves ground level cleaning of hard surfaces, weekend or anticipated downtime cleaning is an absolute necessity.

If you have commercial premises and are looking for external cleaning services in Bedfordshire or surrounding counties, please get in touch with us about your requirements.