Why you should use certified and accredited cleaning companies

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Why you should use certified and accredited cleaning companies

The cleaning industry is a vast and wide sector with companies and individuals supplying services across the breadth of the UK. From domestic house cleaning through to advanced professional cleaning services, millions of square miles of surfaces are cleaned on a daily basis. Much of the daily cleaning taking place in Bedfordshire and further afield provides a certain degree of protection for the consumer and commercial clients, and this degree of protection provides customers with the assurance that those carrying out the cleaning process are governed and practice their profession to certain standards. The kind of standards customers expect and want from a cleaning company.

At Great Outdoors, we a constantly upgrading our accreditations and training to make sure we adhere to the latest legislation and standards. Currently, we hold certain certification and accreditations including:

NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) PA1, and PAG licenses to apply pesticides. This is a legal requirement for contractors who work with pesticides and knapsacks and it is very important for the consumer or business to check that the company providing a cleaning service using these substances carry a valid license.

Typically, the licence allows us to carry out the following cleaning services in Bedfordshire and across the UK:

…and other pressure washing services using chemicals for various external cleaning services

IPAF certificated means that we can operate certain types of machinery in the process of cleaning areas in the public domain. To do this our operations have gained an IPAF Powered Access License to operate Cherry Pickers and Access/Scissor Lifts. It is important to check that your contractor has this license in place if they are to operate this type of equipment as part of their cleaning service.

Typically, IPAF requirements are required in the following services in Bedfordshire and wider UK operations:

Great Outdoors also have other accreditations and affiliations including:

  • We are a registered waste carrier, which is enforced by the Environment Agency
  • We are City & Guilds trained in certain cleaning applications
  • We are also members of the FSB (Federation of small businesses)
  • We are fully insured for the work we do

Great Outdoors are meticulous with our delivery of cleaning services in Bedfordshire and across the UK, which means we are diligent in continually seeking new training resources and accreditations to ensure quality and peace of mind for our customers.