Driveway cleaning services, a big part of our summer projects

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Driveway cleaning services, a big part of our summer projects

Every conceivable material is used to construct domestic driveways, from block paving, tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete, each surface is prone to gathering dirt and looking rather unsightly if it isn’t cleaned on a regular basis.

Pressure washing with the right cleaners is very important. Difference surfaces require specific cleaning chemicals in order to maximise the finished result. This is something we are very experienced in, and each driveway is assessed before we start work.

All driveways have some form of grain or texture to them where dirt, moss and other unwanted growth will gather and if left, it can potentially destroy the structure and materials used to build the hard surface. Although pressure washing is the method of cleaning, to get a great result, an industrial pressure washing machine is needed.

Great Outdoors are very experienced at:

Spring and summer see us visiting many homeowners around Bedfordshire, Berkshire and adjacent counties to clean driveways of various types, shapes and sizes. Each requires a degree of planning and understanding of the work involved and the equipment and chemicals to be used.