Fire escapes need cleaning too, especially as they need to comply with health and safety regulations

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Fire escapes need cleaning too, especially as they need to comply with health and safety regulations

Great Outdoors are very much experts in cleaning external areas, hence our name. From the very top of a building down to the surfaces and walls that surround a building is our domain. Fire escape cleaning too.

In fact, a fire escape is a very important service in our portfolio. Many external cleaning requirements are required more so on an aesthetic basis to improve the look and feel of a building or protect the building from any further damage. Fire escape cleaning or the regular cleaning of this important thoroughfare is an absolute necessity.

Maintaining Health and Safety compliance

Whether in a commercial or domestic location, a fire escape and specific stairs themselves need to be maintained in order for a business or landlord to comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations. They require routine safety audits/inspections, in order to protect residents or employees in the case of an emergency, where people need to use that staircase to exit a building.

Fire escapes are very typical locations where slippery algae growth can be found. An algae-covered staircase in wet weather is like walking on an ice sheet, very dangerous and with a hard surface from top to bottom, an individual who slips and falls can experience some nasty and sometimes serious injuries.

Surely there can’t be that many fire escapes?

Unless you are looking for them, it is very difficult to quantify just how many fire escapes exist in any one town or location. From our experience, there is a great deal more of them than you may think, and keeping those fire escapes clean is an important job for those responsible and for us when we embark on a thorough clean using our industrial pressure washer and other appropriate cleaning techniques.

If you are concerned about your fire escape’s safety in the advent of an emergency, please do get in touch with us. Send us some pictures and we can provide a quotation to thoroughly clean the fire escape, so it is safe for all those who may use it in the future.