So, you thought cleaning your patio to look good as new was as simple as pressure washing?

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So, you thought cleaning your patio to look good as new was as simple as pressure washing?

Undoubtedly, a good pressure wash of your imprinted concrete patio is certainly going to remove much of the dirt and growth that has embedded itself into your patio but to get a perfect good as the day it was laid finish requires a more extensive process. Our external cleaning methods not only restore your patio to its former glory, but the process also provides protection for the future.

How does this work?

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is probably the most attractive finish you can use for a patio. A variety of stone finishes and patterns create texture and ambience for your garden, hence why it is such a popular material for garden patios. Keeping those garden patios clean, however, is a task in itself and requires much more than a light pressure wash.

Our exterior cleaning work takes us into domestic and commercial environments, where patios are being used regularly and spills from regular use can also add to the dirt and grime that builds up. Very typical are barbecue stains, and these can require some strong patio cleaning methods in order to restore the patio to its former glory.

A full patio refurbishment process is a perfect answer to restoring your garden patio to as good as a new state. This is our tried and trusted method:

  • Firstly, you need to sweep the area of loose debris, checking any expansion joints. If required, any loose mastic is replaced.
  • The next stage is to consider that ingrained dirt and stains.
  • We pressure wash your patio first and then completely dry the surface.
  • We then treat with high-density solid sealers and optional anti-slip material to complete the process and protect the surface

Tinting your patio

With age, any patio will sustain discolouration. If this is the case, an added extra is to tint the surface to create a more even colour balance across the breadth of your patio. This provides a very attractive and perfect visual upgrade to a patio that has lost that rich zest of colour.

Cleaning a patio is one thing, and for many, it might just need that pressure washing process. Most patios we come across need a little more attention, and the outcome for our customers is very much demonstrating the wow factor. The before and after cleaning images we take are living proof of that wow factor.

Please do ask us to send over some images if you are considering having your patio cleaned professionally.