Block paved Driveway Cleaning in Watford

Project details

  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Recently pressure washed a block paved driveway in Watford, Hertfordshire.

    The Block paving was cleaned using an Industrial pressure washer and flat surface cleaner, using this cleaning process the block paved driveway was restored to its former glory. For this particular block paving clean we incorporated an industrial vacuum to recover the waste water, this saved vast amounts of the water and slurry from flowing into the Watford home owners soak away or from running onto the highway.

    Whilst pressure washing Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning will always look for the most suitable method to pressure wash, clean your driveway. Once cleaned the Block paved driveway was treated with an industrial weed killer to eliminate any remaining weeds, as a contractor we are Pa1 and Pa6 registered.

    Once fully dry Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning re-sanded the driveway and compacted the sand using a vibrating plate. This Watford based customer has agreed to a maintenance package, every three months if required, we apply a weed killer treatment, this controls any emerging weeds and restricts algae growth. Maintaining the’ new’ look of the driveway!
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