Building Cladding Cleaning & Block paving cleaning, Coventry

Project details

  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning have recently completed a large Industrial building cladding clean and block paving clean, including extensive repairs to the block paving, the unit was based on an Industrial estate in Coventry. We usually work in the 3 counties Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. However this 'clean' was for one of our existing clients based in Milton Keynes.  All the work was completed at short notice in order for a 'building hand over' to complete on time.

    The building cladding had never been cleaned before and suffered from green algae due to nearby trees. We cleaned the cladding using suitable chemicals and rinsed using industrial pressure washers, for access we used a 21m Articulated boom. Once this was complete all the windows were cleaned using our portable 'Reach and Wash' system.

    Large areas of the block paving had to be lifted to remove obstructing tree roots from nearby Silver Birch trees, Once the roots were removed we relayed the block paving. As these areas were mainly parking bays, over the years the block paving had also suffered from oil stains, these were removed with suitable chemicals before the area and associated pathways were high pressure washed, all chewing gum deposits were removed via super heated steam, during the cleaning blocked storm drains were also vacuumed to remove years of debris build up!  Once dry the block paving paving was re sanded and vibrated. The finished results were superb.

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