Chewing Gum Removal in Milton Keynes

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  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Have completed a large chewing gum removal project in Stantonbury, Milton Keynes.

    The client contacted Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning and was after refurbishing a Milton Keynes shopping precinct, which had suffered from years of neglect. Chewing gum deposits covered the block paving especially around the entrances to the local shops and a school playground, making the area look unsightly.

    The area was firstly high pressure washed using industrial pressure washers and flat surface cleaners, this pressure washing cleaning process removed the majority of the chewing gum and weathering. Remaining chewing gum was spot removed using superheated steam, up to 150 degrees, once all traces of the chewing gum deposits were removed and the block paving was dry, the block paving was re-sanded, restoring the block paving to as 'new' condition.

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