Four Block paved driveways cleaned in Stanbridge, Bedfordshire

Great Outdoors Exterior cleaning has recently cleaned four block paved driveways in Stanbridge, Bedfordshire.

Initially, we were contacted by one owner in Stanbridge to provide a cleaning quotation to pressure wash his block paved driveway. On accepting our quotation we booked a suitable date for the pressure washing. On the date, we arrived promptly to carry out the clean. With this driveway installation, the block paved driveway sloped towards the house, and surface water ran into a linear drain leading to a soakaway.  With this situation, we always block the linear drain and during the clean, and use an industrial wet vacuum to remove the standing water /silt to protect the soakaway. This is essential during the pressure washing to ensure silt doesn’t simply run into the soakaway. 

The vacuum we use can simultaneously vacuum and pump wastewater and is fitted with a large sediment filter to allow us to remove the silt.  Once the pressure washing was complete we applied a chemical to the block paving to remove any remaining black spot. The chemical was allowed to dwell and then rinsed down. 

This process restores old tired driveways back to new condition. Once dried, a few days later we returned and re-sanded the driveway. Whilst re-sanding we use a vibrating plate to help consolidate the kiln dry sand.

Three other neighbors were so impressed with the results we also cleaned their block paved driveways using the same procedure. 

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