Large trees - a roof that needs regular cleaning

Project details

  • Bedfordshire Roof Cleaning: This particular customer’s house is a beautiful setting surrounded by mature trees. Unfortunately, the downside of large trees being so close to the house a requirement for regular roof cleaning. We last cleaned the roof on this house back in 2015 and because of leaf drop, this causes blockages and moss to grow quickly. The customer contacted us in late 2020 to book a roof clean at the beginning of the new year. Attached to the house is a large conservatory situated at the rear of the property. The conservatory has an internal gutter system, and if this gets blocked, water can leak into the property itself.

    Gutter clearance first

    Work was initially delayed due to the freezing temperatures with a new date planned to carry out the necessary work. Once we got underway our approach was initially to clear all the guttering causing blockages, i.e., removing all the moss and leaves using our industrial vacuum. Once this was complete, we blocked the downpipes and pressure cleaned the roof, continuing to vacuum the guttering to remove the water and prevent any leakages. Water was pumped away from the property into a safe area in the garden. Finally, the cleaned roof was treated with a fungicidal wash. Internal gutters do require particular attention to make sure they are running free during the roof cleaning and completely clear from debris in order to function properly in the future. This means our operation is quite a delicate and diligent one. Making sure we don’t create a leak whilst cleaning, and to ensure the internal drain is clear and doesn’t compromise the property with a future infiltration of rainwater. The outcome was a very happy customer, who has now agreed that annual maintenance is the safest and best plan for keeping the roof clean and gutters clear. The treatment we provided went beyond the usual process, and our complete vacuuming of all guttering and cleaning the conservatory with a fungicidal wash removes the need for a full pressure wash in the future.
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