Patio suffering from the Moss dropping from the customer’s roof

Project details

  • Roof cleaning Bedfordshire: Our client was getting very fed up with the moss that was dropping on their patios. This was causing gutters to overflow and a continuous flow of debris on the well-kept patio areas. The customer had seen us cleaning roofs locally, so took a note of our details and got in contact. Ironically, we could see from their own roof, a further four roofs we had cleaned locally. Once we had set up with all of our equipment, we got cleaning. The method we chose was to clean the roof was to pressure washing, due to the incumbent tile type. We could see that pressure washing wouldn’t be detrimental to the roof colour and we knew also that once cleaned the tiles would be returned to an as new condition.

    Fixing an incumbent leaky roof

    The roof had leaked previously, so part of our cleaning process was to remove the moss and carry out any repairs needed, in order to prevent future leakages. Around the area where previous leaks had taken place, we removed the tiles to reveal the problem. The felt/underlay had not been replaced properly when a plumber had installed an extraction fan outlet. We repaired the felt area, replaced tiles and made sure this wouldn’t happen again. All in all, this roof cleaning project in Leighton Buzzard took three days. Exactly the amount of time we confirmed to the client before proceeding. It was a large bungalow roof, so required a great deal of cleaning, with repairs taking place where needed. The customer was ecstatic with the results. When approaching the property, you could really see what a huge difference the clean had made. We suspect a few more neighbours noticed, so we may even be able to see a few more roofs cleaned by the Great Outdoors team when we visit in future. The customer was so pleased with the quality of our work they have also booked us in to make further roof repairs. Due to the age of the property, the roof valleys are in need of repairing. The old cement in the valleys is starting to fall away due to age. When we return to carry out these repairs, we will be lining the values with a resin-based mortar. This will increase the strength of the valleys, as resin-based mortar allows for flexing due to seasonal temperature changes and lasts far longer than traditional cement.
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