Removing Paint spillage from Block Paving

Project details

  • During the summer : Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning had a telephone call from a local management company, which deals with a client in Milton Keynes, unfortunately a customer had dropped a tin of paint in their block paved car park. By the time the team in the Milton keynes store had tried to cover the paint spillage, the paint had been ‘tracked’ over the blocked paved car park by numerous cars!

    Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning were given the task to remove all traces of the paint spill from the block paving. However it was paramount that none of the contaminants from the paint / pressure washing water could enter the block paved car park’s storm drains.

    The method Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning used to remove the paint spill was to High pressure wash the block paving using super heated steam, the pressure washing, cleaning was carried out using Mosmatic flat surface cleaners and recovered by any industrial vacuum. The waste water was then recycled via our recycling trailer, the filtration system collected the waste debris including oil residue from the paint, this was removed via an oil skimmer in the filtration process. The water was then filtered to 10 microns before being transferred back to our feed tank for further use. This ensured that no pollutants entered the drainage system. During the cleaning process the entire paint spillage residue was removed along with any chewing gum deposits!

    Once the block paving was dry the cleaned areas were re sanded and the block paving was vibrated in order to compact the jointing sand. The cleaning was completed outside of the store opening hours to minimize any impact on the store or its customers!

    For more photographs of this Paint spillage removal project, in Milton Keynes click on button below.

    Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning have since used this method to remove paint spill from numerous block paved installations and tarmac road ways. If you have any paint spillages please call the experts for rapid paint removal Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning.
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