Roof Clean in Luton after another roof contractor had caused damage

We were originally contacted via a potential customer based in Luton, Bedfordshire who was after a roof cleaning quotation. Due to very tight time constraints, we provided our initial quotation over the net using Google. Due to the age of the roof, we initially quoted scraping the roof and applying a fungicidal wash Algoclear. As a general rule, we prefer to carry out a full roof survey.

A few days later after we had sent our quotation we had the unusual request for us to carry out a site survey? 

On arriving on site it became apparent why we were asked for a site survey! Another supposedly professional roof cleaning contractor was approached for a written quotation by the customer, but without prior consent, the contractor carried out a sample clean! 

The photo above is how he left the roof! Numerous breakages and tiles stuck the wrong way round! 

How another professional roof cleaning company could leave it in this condition is beyond me. 


Having seen this mess we had little choice but to review our original quotation, from a manual scraping roof clean to pressure washing roof clean. to explain why, with pressure washing, you achieve instant results as seen above, however,  with the scraping method results can take time for the roof to clean, it may take up to six months to see similar results to pressure washing. So this patch would literally stick out like a sore thumb if we proceeded with the scrapping method.

The owner agreed to our revised pressure washing roof clean quotation. 

We approached this project as a typical roof clean but with extra precaution as it is obvious the roof is fragile. Having cleaned the entire roof, the owner, after seeing other roof coating projects we had completed, decided to proceed with a roof coating. The added benefit of applying a roof coating is the entire roof looks the same colour, the coating hides previous roof extensions. Vertical tiles used on roof dormers are also coated so all the tiles are the same colour  


The owner was astounded by the results, to see images of this project please click HERE 













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