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  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Have worked for this customer in Hitchin,Hertfordshire since 2005, on numerous projects including driveway cleaning, Indian sandstone cleaning, re-pointing and even conservatory cleaning.

    The customer enquired about our roof cleaning service. We explained how we clean the roof,  via pressure washing ... we also dismissed any concerns they had with pressure washing the roof as a 'roofer friend' advised them not to clean it via 'pressure washing' as it can damage the roof, the roofer advised the customer to simply scrape the roof... I explained that we have over 10 years experience pressure washing / cleaning roofs, scraping the roof will provide limited results at best !  We use suitable water pressures / flow rates so that we dont damage the substrate, we also use a Safety system - Rope access so that the operator is SAFE whilst cleaning the roof. (How may roofers have you seen on a Domestic roof using a safety system ? None ?)  I also explained how we recycle the cleaning water and the benefits associated with this - Primarily less mess ! Plus the option once the roof has been professionaly cleaned and treated with a fungicidal wash, to coat / seal the tiles to protect them against the elements.

    I am pleased to say the Hitchin based customer chose us to carry out the roof clean / coating. This particular roof suffered from large deposits of moss on the North / West elevations and lichen and algae on the South / West elevations. We carried out the roof clean and restored the tiles to their original colour and once dry we applied a Clear Coating - Superdry. The customer was simply amazed by the results !

    For pictures of this roof cleaning project please click button below, If you require a professional roof cleaning company that covers the Hitchin, hertfordshire area contact us!  
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