Professional Roof cleaning in Edlesborough, Bedfordshire

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  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Have recently completed a roof clean in Edlesborough, Bedfordshire.

    This was a typical roof clean with regards to the tile type. The tile used on this particular roof was a Marley Clay, Acme Burnt Flame. What you tend to find with clay tiles is they suffer more from algae and Lichen with only have small localised deposits of moss, this is mainly due to the tiles ‘smooth’ face compared to the majority of ‘rough’ faced concrete tiles, hence moss has less areas to ‘attach’ to.

    The roof was cleaned via pressure washing and water recycling, the recycling worked fantastic as with clay tiles there is no ‘sand’ wash off, we were able to filter down to 5 microns easily. During the clean Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning used less than 800 litres of water, compared to conventional pressure washing without recycling we would of used in excess of 18,000 litres !

    Due to the great construction of the roof even though the tiles were clay, hence more fragile than common concrete tiles we were still able to use rope access / positioning and actually walk on the tiles, especially the hip roof areas. Without rope access the only method to gain access to clean these roof areas by pressure washing would be by using an articulated boom. However due to the landscaped gardens this would of made the clean impossible without causing untold damage to the landscape!

    Once the roof clean was completed Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning re-pointed as required and applied a fungicidal wash to eliminate any remaining moss spores

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