Roof cleaning project in Leighton Buzzard needing careful attention

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  • Roof Cleaning Bedfordshire: It is not uncommon for us to be called in by a new homeowner to clean a roof. This particular customer had purchased an older property which had been lived in for many years by an elderly gentleman. The property was in a good general state of repair, but the roof had been neglected and internally the house was showing signs of water ingress.
    The customer had used a roof cleaning company at their previous home in Hertfordshire but weren’t entirely happy with the work carried out at the time. So, the customer was a little concerned, and didn’t want the same experience. Fortunately, we were able to alleviate any fears, and the customer themselves were very complementary with the feedback their read on our website.
    Once we had alleviated any concerns, we confirmed that our surveys are FREE and we then proceeded to inspect the roof. As typical with a roof of this age, especially one we believe had never been cleaned before, it was in a bit of a sorry state. However, it could certainly be cleaned and repaired without the need of an expensive replacement roof.
    In areas of the roof, tiles had become misplaced, some tiles were cracked, and some had seen a degree of weather damage rendering the only solution to replace them. We assessed the damage to the roof, and then proceeded to provide a quotation to the customer. They were surprised that our quotation was lower than they had paid previously and for a roof that was much larger, notwithstanding the need for repairs and replacement tiles.
    The customer gave us almost immediate approval and we set a date to come and fix and clean the roof. We ordered replacement tiles in readiness.
    Our team firstly set about replacing tiles and repairing the damaged areas of the roof. We certainly didn’t want to start pressure washing until this was done. Once, we had repaired the roof and checked the roof lining for any further damage, we then started to pressure wash the roof, setting up our industry standard safety equipment. The contrast was amazing. The build-up of dirt was extensive, and it soon became apparent that the roof was going to take on a complete and sparkling contrast to the sorry state it had become.
    The customer was absolutely delighted by the result. Indeed, rather astonished. They immediately booked a clean of the patio and driveway, and we are about to attend to carry out this work.
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