Roof cleaning project in Leighton Buzzard

Project details

  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: We are very often asked to clean roofs on relatively new housing areas. Indeed, for a roof to become dirty and showing signs of algae and moss deposits can be a relatively quick process. The UK seasonal weather pattern is a perfect climate for algae and moss to take hold. Wet winters and hot summers can present even the newest of roofs with issues if not cleaned regularly.

    This particular project was a home that was built around 2008-9. The roof was showing a few signs of wear and required some attention to bring it back to its former glory. There were also some issues with some guttering that had become misplaced, so our job was to repair the guttering and carry out a full wash and fungicidal wash to protect the roof further.

    New housing estates can present a few problems with access, and this particular project was very typical of the type of job we had to plan carefully in order to access the roof and carry out any works safely. The house was a corner plot, so this did provide us with side access, which can be a luxury in comparison to houses that are of a terraced disposition. However, every roof can be cleaned, it just requires planning and making sure our access and methods follow all of the health safety measures needed.

    We were able to gain access to the rear garden which allowed us to scale the roof safely, set up rope and harness system and get prepared for pressure washing the roof. Although the roof wasn’t in a deteriorated condition, what we did note was some wear and tear to some of the tiling. We pressure washed the roof and applied the fungicidal wash first and then embarked on some small repairs to tiles and fixing that guttering that had become displaced from the fascia.

    All works was completed in one day, and we had one very happy and content customer.
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