Roof Cleaning project in Studham spalling clay tiles

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning services were recommended to this client via a local window cleaning company

The period property had a large single-story extension added to the rear elevation by the previous owners.

Unfortunately due to low pitch on the extension some of the clay roof tiles had started to spall and delaminate. This is not uncommon with clay tiles as they are very prone to frost damage. As the roof is so shallow it takes longer for the roof to dry out making it susceptible to frost during harsh winters.  

We explained this phenomenon to the owner and assured them that the roof could be repaired without the need for a full replacement.

  Using suitable ladders fitted with microlite standoffs we were able to gain access to the roof and safely remove the blown tiles replacing them with suitable reclaimed tiles. In total we had to replace over 200 tiles, At the same time as replacing the tiles, we carefully scrapped the roof removing any moss/debris which would cause additional dampness.

Once all of the tiles had safely been replaced and the roof was clean of debris, we applied a fungicidal wash to the complete roof, to eliminate any remaining moss spores. This would also treat any algae blooms and over time the original tile colours would return. 

Needless to say, the customer was thrilled with the results.

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