Roof Cleaning - Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

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  • Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning: Have provided roof cleaning services to three out of the four houses situated in a small close in the heart of Welwyn Garden City.

    Initially Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning quoted for house no 4, the Welwyn home owner opted for roof cleaning and the fungicidal treatment, which was carried out in March. The results were fantastic! The tiles had heavy deposits of moss,algae and lichen, and following Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning extensive roof cleaning service all traces where removed completely. The neighbour at house no 3 was very impressed with the results and had their roof cleaned shortly after in April, with the same level of results achieved through our professional roof cleaning service.

    In the meantime house no 1 had their roof cleaned via another roof cleaning company. The company used electric pressure washers, domestic type and actually carried them onto the roof ! Operators used no safety / fall protection… the results were extremely poor lichen / algae deposits still visible. This led to the homeowner enquiring how the cleaning will be carried out safely and the type of machines the Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning will be using.

    Professional roof cleaning contractors would not use electric washers, because of the safety aspect, but also this type of equipment cannot produce a high quality finish!

    Neighbour no. 2  then contacted us in early August looking for the same roof cleaning service. For Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning this is typically how we gain a high level of referals from our excellent and professional roof cleaning service! A fact we are extremely proud of, and will continue to provide high quality Roof Cleaning and Coating in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

    If you wish to view the close to see the results first hand and also see the difference in the quality of clean please contact us!
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