Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning works closely with public and private sector clients on both ad hoc and maintenance contracts for the safe and effective removal of chewing gum from pavements and exterior surfaces. Our operators use Industrial Pressure washers linked to hot boxes, which produce superheated steam of up to 150degc with varying pressure controlled via the operator.

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning offers two options for chewing gum removal:

  • Spot Cleaning – Only the chewing gum deposits are removed. This results in areas of paving being partially cleaned.
  • Full Refurbishment – The paving is firstly high pressure washed, cleaning the bulk of the paving, the remaining chewing gum is then removed, finally if required the paving is re-sanded, the whole process restores all of the paving to its original glory.

The truth behind the pressure washing method!

MYTH: ‘Pressure washing can flood an area and cause damage by removing the grout and sand in joints’

TRUTH: If you are spot cleaning i.e. just treating the chewing gum you do not produce ‘floods of water’ as the water produced by the pressure washer is STEAM!

MYTH: ‘Pressure washing also tends to only move the chewing gum to another area where it reforms and sticks to the surface again’

TRUTH: Due to the heat/pressure the chewing gum simply melts away from the surface, it hardens almost immediately and can be simply brushed up!

Whether you are Spot Cleaning or Carrying out a full refurbishment the same method can be used, Pressure washing i.e. to steam clean a large area using a traditional electrical steam cleaner would be simply unpractical for cost/time.

To remove chewing gum using an electrical steam cleaner you have to rely on the chemicals to break down the gum. The use of Pressure washers means no chemicals are required, benefiting both the client and the environment.

Accessibility – unlike electrical steam cleaners which require large generators to power them, pressure washers offer flexibility in the ability to access awkward and hard-to-reach spaces. Pressure washing also reduces trip hazards as there are fewer leads and hoses.

If you employ the pressure washing method you also can wash down / clean any affected ‘boundary’ walls at no extra charge.

Due to the speed, reliability, and the fact that no chemicals are required of the machines the pressure washing service can be provided at a far cheaper cost, without affecting any of the services.

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