Cladding Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

With our experience and knowledge, Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning can clean all types of building cladding surfaces.

We hold Powered Access Licences (PAL) to operate MEWP’s (Mobile Elevated Working Platform’s) Scissor lifts or Articulated Booms.

Over the years, we have developed a cladding cleaning method that produces great results time after time. The method restores the panels to a ‘new’ condition, and the results last far longer than cleaning using standard Water Fed Poles.

We firstly choose a suitable MEWP for access that allows us to apply our cladding cleaning chemical to the cladding ‘closeup’ either by hand or brushes. This chemical is designed to attack dirt, oxidation, and algae, eliminating algae spores.  The residue is then simply rinsed using an industrial pressure washer.  We also use suitable chemicals to ‘spot’ remove rust marks from the cladding surface. All of our pressure washers can be set to the desired pressure and water flow rates in order to protect the cladding during the cleaning process. This method, allows us to carry out ‘detailed high-level cleaning’ not achievable with water-fed poles (WFP).
Examples of recently completed projects include –

Our vehicles are self-contained for power and water, if required we can use standpipes/hydrant points (obtaining licences from the major water suppliers)

In short, Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning can truly act as your one-stop shop for all your cladding cleaning and refurbishment needs.

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