Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning provides the complete gutter cleaning service, quick, clean, and very effective.

The majority of the gutter cleaning can be carried out from ground level using our Industrial gutter vacuum, However, if required we can also use ladders fitted with microlite standoffs and suitable base supports or even MEWPS (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – Cherry pickers/scissor lifts)

Our gutter cleaning system incorporates a wireless camera attached to the gutter cleaning ‘head’  this allows the operator to inspect whilst they clean, all images can be recorded.  At the heart of the system is a powerful industrial vacuum,  that is versatile enough to access any area and powerful enough to lift the heaviest of deposits, including moss and leaves. We can either use your electricity to power the vacuum or if required use a generator to be completely self-sufficient. 

Once cleaned, if required we can install the country’s leading gutter guard ‘Hedgehog Gutter Brush’ as we are the local stockists, this is available in varying sizes to suit Domestic and Industrial Gutters.

As we all know prevention is better than cure, Gutters are usually blocked due to deposits falling from the roof. Unlike other gutter cleaning companies at Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning, we offer a complete roof cleaning service, part of the roof cleaning service includes cleaning the gutter, hence we can offer a complete clean to prevent this reoccurring problem!

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