Litter Picking / Leaf Collection

Litter Picking / Leaf Collection

Using our range of pedestrian vacuum machines we can clean vast areas of warehouse ‘yards’ removing unsightly waste, which left may be blown or moved via vehicle traffic onto the highways. Keeping warehouse yards clean is important for your company’s image/profile, the general health and safety of your employees plus it helps to reduce other problems such as rodents/pests.

Our fleet of machines includes the largest of the Billy goat range VQ’s plus standard smaller size specification machines KD’s, these smaller machines are great for accessing restricted areas such as between parked trucks and trailers. We also use manual pickers that were required for ‘standard’ litter picking and cleaning of areas.

The vacuum machines are equipped with onboard wander hoses which allow operators to remove debris from under vehicle loading bays, often without the need for going under these loading bays, reducing health and safety issues. These vehicle loading bays are prone to rubbish build-up, leaving this rubbish can lead to problems in the future.

We currently work for a range of small ‘light’ industry companies to large multinationals, each litter picking program is designed to suit customers’ site requirements.  

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