Pressure Washing (Cold or Hot-Steam Cleaning)

Pressure Washing  (Cold or Hot-Steam Cleaning)

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning can clean virtually any surface from concrete through to timber decking, using our extensive knowledge in pressure washing.  Exterior Cleaning Services which we provide include, but are not exclusive to:

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning provides a professional pressure washing service in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire.

For a majority of our services, we use based Industrial High pressure ‘cold’ washers, with pressures over 3000psi (200 Bar) and flow rates of over 21 litres per minute 

We also have the capability to produce ‘Superheated steam’ of up to 150degc, ideal for removing chewing gum and graffiti.

The vans are also equipped with onboard generators allowing us to be self-contained and not reliant on using customers electric 


Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning is fully self-contained for power and water, our vehicles can carry 1000ltrs of water ‘onboard’ or if required we can work from standpipes and use water bowsers. Any unwanted water can be removed using our onboard generators and industrial wet vacuums incorporating submersible pumps. Wastewater can be recovered, filtered, and re-used using our ‘Water recycling system’. This water recycling process is essential whilst removing paint spills etc to protect the environment

As with our other cleaning services, that Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning offers, we are able to offer both one-off and maintenance services for peace of mind and in emergency situations.


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