Roof Coating – Clear

Roof Coating – Clear

The Problem

Roof tiles can start to weather and their original surface protection will decrease. This can lead to moisture in the tiles and leave them vulnerable to moss growth, algae and Lichen, and in winter frost damage. These weathering effects will increase year by year as the quality of the surface deteriorates.

Our Solution

To protect your roof tiles and combat these effects plus extend the life span of your roof it firstly needs to be cleaned. We carry out this process via controlled pressure washing, which removes moss, algae, and lichen, once this is complete the roof is then treated with a fungicidal wash, to eliminate any remaining moss spores. Once the roof tiles are dry we then apply Properla roof coating. The coating is applied by an airless sprayer, Properla is engineered with the latest nanotechnology available. It is the ultimate weather protection for clay, terracotta, and concrete roof tiles. The Properla coating is a clear coating that bonds to the tiles by up to 10mm deep.

The Benefits

  • Protect roof tiles from frost damage
  • Self-cleaning
  • Extends the life span of the tiles
  • 10-year manufacturer product guarantee
  • Life expectancy over 10 years
  • Saves energy (dry tiles are more effective at keeping the heat in)
  • The product will not peel or flake

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