Roof Coating – Coloured

Roof Coating – Coloured

The Problem

Over time roof tiles can start to weather as their original sand surface has worn away. This deterioration can lead to the penetration of moisture and leave the tiles vulnerable to attacks by moss, algae and fungi, and frost damage. These weathering factors increase year by year as the quality of the surface deteriorates. Exactly how roof weather depends on factors such as acid rain, shade, frost, and UV rays.

Our Solution

To protect your roof and combat these effects, plus extend the life span of the roof we recommend applying a roof coating. Firstly the roof needs to be cleaned. The roof cleaning is carried out via controlled pressure washing, by controlled pressure washing we mean on every clean we adjust the pressure from the pressure washer to achieve maximum results with minimal disturbance to the individual tiles. Contrary to a lot of nonsense that is posted on the net, pressure washing removes only microns from the surface of the tiles, the coating is far thicker than anything which is removed during the clean! 

After the roof cleaning the roof is then treated with a fungicidal wash, to eliminate any remaining moss spores. Once the tiles are dry we then apply a professional roof coating. The roof coating is hand applied to the edges via brushes and the remaining area is airless sprayed. It should be noted almost every roof coating supplier stipulates the roof must be cleaned via pressure washing, as simply brushing the roof tiles before the roof coating is not adequate.

Compared to the cost of replacing your roof, the coating will be much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The Benefits

  • Extends the life span of the roof tiles
  • Improves the appearance of the roof increasing ‘curb’ appeal 
  • Improves the property value
  • Life expectancy over 10 years
  • Rebuilds/repairs the original surface protection
  • The product will not peel or flake
  • Ultraviolet resistant, breathable and self-cleaning
  • Real alternative to costly and wasteful roof replacement
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