Tarmac Cleaning and Coating

Tarmac Cleaning and Coating

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning can clean and refurbish your tarmac surfaces making them look as good as new, restoring their colour at a fraction of the cost of relaying! Schools, councils, privately-owned companies, and householders amongst many others have all benefited from our tarmac cleaning and coating service.

  • Specialist Tarmac coating helps to protect against wear
  • Covers existing stains
  • Enables easy cleaning of future oil leaks stains
  • Inhibits weed, moss & algae growth
  • Is available in three colours Black, Green & Red

The Cleaning and Coating Process

  1. Stains are treated with a suitable degreaser
  2. Area meticulously pressure washed avoiding damage to the substrate
  3. Application with a broad spectrum fungicidal wash
  4. Any repairs are carried out
  5. The tarmac is left to dry for at least 24hrs
  6. The coating is then applied to the tarmac
  7. The coating should then be allowed 24hrs to fully cure before it is used for traffic

Great Outdoors Exterior Cleaning is fully insured and licensed by the relevant authorities to use all chemicals required during the course of their work when tarmac cleaning, please refer to our about us section for more details where copies of our health and safety policy and risk assessments can also be found.

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