I have used the services of Mike and his team at Great Outdoors on numerous occasions personally and for my business premises. On this occasion, I called in Mike to take a look at our parking and loading area around our factory. The tarmac had been laid many years ago and was starting to look tired and worn out. Some areas were damaged from heavy vehicle use and the accumulation of oil leaks from company vehicles had led to some heavy staining. Mike assured me that much of the damage could be repaired, and the greasy deposits could be removed. To be honest, given the poor state of the tarmac I was surprised by his confidence, but I know Mike can perform miracles from old. We arranged for the work to be done over a weekend, and that was the last I had heard of it until I arrived at the factory one rainy Monday morning. I had completely forgotten that Mike was attending to carry out the work that weekend, and I got quite a surprise. The tarmac looked like new. No stains, no visible damage and the coloured coating applied had given the tarmac that new finish. What a huge difference, and saved a small fortune in comparison to replacing the entire surface around the factory. I still look out of my office window and visibly notice the difference. Mike once again performed a cleaning miracle, and I high recommend Mike and his team at Great Outdoors.

Commercial Tarmac road is restored to a clean and protected state